#4. RAGE And Anxiety!


Looks like tomorrow is going to be a productive day. There will be a RAGE event both Saturday and Sunday. I've never been to RAGE before, so it's officially my 1st time ever to be in such an event. And the thing is, I'm not going there as a guest. It's part of journalism in the Editorial Squad.

Frankly speaking, I'm slightly nervous about it. Even though writing articles in Editorial Squad has become a norm to me, I've never covered a live event before as a reporter and journalist... and photographer. Oh, and RAGE stands for "Radical Anime Games Expo". And after looking through their event schedule, they do have some rather interesting competitions in store for the public. Best part? The entrance is free! Also, performances will be held to entertain the audience as well. I look forward seeing a good crowd tomorrow.

Speaking of crowd too, yes. I am nervous, internally. Just unsure of the questions I'll be asking random strangers. Hopefully I don't make a fool out of myself lol. So many questions... are running through my head; like where can I find a strong opening, preferably a visual lead, that instantly telegraphs the story to come?  Is the subject matter interesting, concrete, important — not just another fluff piece?

Also hoping to find good interviewees there, not the ones that shy away from a camera. Some people are naturally talented at being interviewed, and others aren’t. But it makes my work easier if they're not nervous. Then again, if there are loads of cosplayers there, I'm assuming they'll be kind enough to strike a pose for my camera. I might need some pointers in approaching people to have their picture taken though. And yeah, I might have to prepare a few list of questions beforehand. Don't wanna get all tongue-tied suddenly.

But I'll leave all that anxiety to come tomorrow (nervous laugh).

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