#6. Why You Should Look Forward To CF 2015


Hey, what's up, guys. So Comic Fiesta is coming up real quick. As far as I'm concerned, I cannot wait. Like, I REALLY. CANNOT. WAIT. You're probably wondering why am I so excited for this year's Comic Fiesta. Well, I mean, who wouldn't?

So here's a few things on why you should totally look forward to this year's Comic Fiesta. And for those who are attending a comic con for the first time, you might want to get your camera. Because, trust me, this is going to change your life. Okay, let's move on.

1. Gastronomical Quest inspired Mascots

Fans of the Comic Fiesta will take the mascots on a Gastronomical Quest. So most probably, you'll be bumping into a lot of chefs and ingredients (?) I'm not too sure about the latter. Anyway, being a huge fan of Shokugeki no Souma, I think this is a really creative concept. Totally liking the fact that they decided to go for the chef route. Like, what's cooking in the kitchen? 

Pretty sure there's going to be lots of awesome flavours out there. You know what they say, variety is a spice of life! Hah, see what I did there?

2. FLOW is on the flow

YASS! FLOW will be showing up on 19th December. They'll be our performing guest. They're a 5 piece mixture rock band with twin vocals, guitar, bass and drums. For those who are unfamiliar with this band or most probably, heard of them before, I would say that you'd most probably recognise their song titled 'Colours'. It's the opening for the 1st season of Code Geass. Even if you're new to this band, I'd say you might wanna stick around to hear their songs. Just go with the flow!

3. Cosplayers Overload

This is definitely a good spot for photographers who want something... professional? You can take good shots of cosplayers. I know for a fact that a lot of cosplayers really put in tons of effort in making their outfit. I think they deserve some props for that. Not only can you unleash your photography skills, but who knows you might also develop an interest in cosplay as well. And of course, if you're someone like me, heck... I fangirl each time I see a favorite character of mine. It's a natural impulse to wanna take awesome pictures of them.

4. Merchandises and MORE!

Are you an avid collector of those anime-ish keychains, ball-jointed dolls, wigs and artwork books? Well, search no further. There are a huge load of booths that you can possibly imagine in this CF Hall. From accessories to weapons, and all that cool stuff, fans can eventually find what they came in search for. Ever wanted a fluffy pillow with your favorite character? Bingo. They have it. Looking for those Picture Books? They have it. Those really pretty dolls? ... Well, this could just go on. And to be honest, some of the prices are actually cheaper there. So, save some money, and then... You know what to do within those 2 days. SHOP. till you drop.

5. Fun and Excitement

Let's face it, I could live in a world without a Comic Con, but yeah... That, that wouldn't be much fun. It's really a great experience for 1st-timers. You'd be wow-ed. Of course, keep in mind that in the end of the day, every cosplayer is still a normal human being. And for those who are cosplaying, it's always nice to meet up with a bunch of people who share the same interest as you. The fun and excitement just never wears out in a Comic Con. 

So, if you're still debating if you should get a CF ticket or not, I'd say... Go for it. Because, why not? Also, I'll be cosplaying as well. I look forward to that! Leave in a comment on what you'd be cosplaying and why. Adios.

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