#7. Misconceptions about Short-Haired Girls


So I don’t know if you’ve ever come across people who says “Short hair isn’t meant for girls”. For me, I think that it is ultimate bull- statement. In my opinion, people should just wear their hair how they want, for reasons that make them happy.

I’ve lost count of the no. of times how girls are actually sick …of the no. of times they’ve heard that girls should have long hair. And you know what, if you’re a girl and reading this right now, AND you’re considering a short hairstyle but afraid of what people might think, don’t feel bad – There are a LOT of girls who’ve been there (I know I have). For some girls, they love their short hair because there is no distraction of long hair for them to hide behind. In some sense, it gives them a boost of confidence. I’d say girls should totally rock the short hairstyle and own the look. They should flaunt it and embrace it. To the haters, tough nuggets, their opinion is invalid. Haters gonna hate.

Don’t get me wrong. I like short hair and long hair. I think either way looks great on girls. However, whenever the subject of cutting a girl’s hair extremely short is brought up during a dinner or some reunion (I’ve also talked to my peers about this), somehow the idea of girls having short hair have been almost insulted or seem like a sin. I have people spending time trying to talk me out of cutting my hair short again, and have idolized girls with long flowing hair. I just don’t understand why the majority seem to find a girl with short hair unappealing. Perhaps it’s the mindset of ‘girls = long hair, boys = short hair’. Or I don’t know, maybe it’s the hair advertisements? When a company wants to promote a shampoo, models/ actresses in the ads always have this long, silky, fabulous hair (duh). And if that’s the type of hair that’s being portrayed as ideal, people would want to go for it, or at least wish to. Or is it generally the cultural preference for girls to have long hair because that’s what makes them look feminine? People do expect others to look their best, so maybe that’s why they have a hard time figuring out why some girls DON’T want long hair.

The first time when I had my hair cut short, I can still remember the look on my mom (and a few of my relative’s) face. Their expression was priceless, I tell ya. Let me tell you, OH LET ME TELL YOU. Their face had this “Omygawd. What the hell were you thinking. Why would you do that. SACRILEGE.” It was funny at first, but then it got a tad annoying from time to time when they kept saying “I think you shouldn’t have cut your hair.” Hold up. It’s MY hair. I didn’t cut off THEIR hair. It’s not like they had any bad intentions or sort, just that… just let me celebrate my short hair. It makes me feel liberated, and this is the hairstyle that makes me feel comfortable. It’s even funnier when they say “You look like a boy now”. Oh, are you telling me now that resembling a male is a crime? Is that what you’re trying to point out to me? It’s like unconscious gender stereotyping. The same old story that boys = blue and girls = pink. Here’s the thing. Short hair can look tomboyish or feminine. It just depends on the way people style it to be. When I had my hair growing long again (because I wanted to “please” people), I miss my short hair. And now that I’ve cut my hair short again, I actually dread the idea of growing it long now. I’m keeping this hairstyle a long time. It takes nowhere near as long to brush, wash, dry etc… bonus, I save shampoo.  It’s a bonus that people like my current hairstyle.

I just wanted it shorter, I got what I wanted.
What annoys me most about rubbish like “girls must have long hair to be attractive” is that it stems from the assumption that your greatest goal in life must be to be physically attractive. Whoa, it is NOT my job to be a decorative element. I didn’t go to the hairdresser the other day to make myself look prettier for anyone, I went to make myself look like myself.” So here’s a shout out to the girls who have the guts to cut their hair short! And if some people give you negative comments about it, just remember that they ALWAYS have something to comment.

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