#11. Luka, Not Just A Guitar


I can say that guitar players had always fascinated me. Growing up, I admired the instrument and the people who played it. Perhaps it was the way they could make something look complex and effortless at the same time. I have always wanted to obtain the skill, play the guitar and sing my own songs, but it the idea sounded better in my head. And it was never realistic for me. The fact that it appeared so complicated was intimidating and ultimately discouraging to even try learning the instrument. And it wasn't until my other half placed my fingers on the guitar that my... intangible interest became a legitimate goal. I was blessed to have someone to show me the path and help me with it.

Hearing him talk about his early stages of learning the guitar was enough encouragement for me to try. And these few days back, he taught me a few basics (which I learned in a rather awkward manner). And honestly, it's hard. I don't what is harder, strumming, switching chords, pressing on the strings so hard that you can feel your fingers bleed... but somehow, it doesn't make me want to stop learning how to play the guitar. Also, in case you're wondering about the title, Luka is the name given to my guitar. I'm still stuck with the basics here, and I can't say one way is easier or harder than the other, but the way I'm learning is sufficient for now.

To anyone that says learning a guitar is easy, is kinda like saying stepping on lego feels good. For me, becoming accustomed to this foreign practice is probably the most amazing and frustrating thing I've ever done in the past 19 years of my life. However, it's through all this emotional and physical struggle that I learned a lot about persistence and determination. I also learned to appreciate the instrument more. Of course, I still whine when I feel the pain in my fingertips. The strings look so easy to be maneuvered and held, right? Well, tell that to my fingertips that have inverted lines on them and feel as though I've dipped them in kerosene and then high-fived a campfire. Though I believe that...

"...the only way to overcome the pain is to keep playing."

Honestly speaking though, there are times where I just want to smash Luka against a wall because I can't master a chord progression or a strumming pattern. But that would be counterproductive, right? Taking a deep breath and continuing seems more reasonable. Being closer to Luka than I ever had before has me taught to have patience with myself and the world.

And now each time I see Luka, I just can't wait to be with him. If I'm stressed out after class, the first thing that comes to my is Luka. Focusing my mind and energy on practicing him is therapeutic. My breathing slows down, and my mind becomes clear. Who would've thought learning an instrument would have such an impact on my everyday life, right? It has given me the source of tranquility and clarity in my heart. And I can't wait to see the calluses on my left fingers, because then, I will be reminded of how far I have come and that perseverance pays off. 

All I wanted was to learn how to play in order to just express myself. I didn't realize at the beginning of this process that I would learn about my ability to find a calming outlet that will forever be evident in my life. This journey isn't going to be easy, but I know it's going to be worth it.

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