#14. The Beatles: Ultimate Revolution


And the "Ultimate Revolution" award goes to... The Beatles! Yes, this post is going to sound more like a fangirl thing. Come on, The Beatles were influential. 

And they, are still as influential as when they first formed.

I'm guessing that nearly everyone knows who the Beatles are. The amazing and talented individuals like Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon formed an English rock band in Liverpool back in the 60's. And yes, they were true revolutionaries. And that's because they have created a sound for themselves that would make them legends up till this day. I don't think any band has influenced pop culture more then they did – and still are 50 years later.

I recall when my parents used to play The Beatles and I would just listen to them all day on the radio. I wasn't exactly a fan then, but I could say I had never disliked any song. But I believe my love for the band began to grow even more when my boyfriend, Derrick, gave me all The Beatles albums. And I dare say too that, they are now the one band that I have consistently listened to since that exact moment of my life. What makes them so unique is that every sound, every song that is written is just so distinctly different. None of them sounds the same, unlike a majority of songs do in contemporary music.

I can keep talking about this, really. What I love about them is that their music is the type of music I can listen to any time - I don't have to be in a certain mood to listen to The Beatles. It takes a lot for a band to be this good. They have created such a persona for themselves that no band will ever be able to recreate. Now that's called "An Ultimate Revolution" (hence the title). They have proved that rock music can be a limitless variety of harmonies and sounds.

Let's talk a bit about George Harrison (Oh, my love). Like any creative work, there are many meanings. The song that was written called "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" expresses the individuality he had. I'm guessing George had in his heart that when he wrote the song, he used his guitar as a metaphor for humanity. Like so many injustices observed in our personal lives and wider world views, we are sad for their existence. George's spiritual awakening opened his eyes to these issues and as an artist and deep thinker, it showed in his song. The song speaks of hope. A hope that we awake the love that is in us all and make the world a better place.

Also, John Lennon. His classic song "Imagine" (From his very own album, not The Beatles) was thought of as revolutionary, and to some, outrageous for its idealist thoughts. The world hasn't changed much. We have had to face multiple terrorist attacks, religious warfare, school shootings and numerous amounts of discriminatory hate attacks. It seems as though much of the world has lost track of their priorities and are lost to the power of their own will. “Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too.” Back in 1963, religion was less of a label and more of a lifestyle. The lyrics he sang, I believe, leaves a deep message; when it’s the strong attachment to religion fueling much of the hate we have now... Many people are use hate and violence to share their opinion, but "Imagine" is a needed reminder that a song can make just as much difference without any casualties. "Imagine" is a reminder that no change will be done unless you make it. Need I say more?

The Beatles never sang about drugs and sex. They told of love, journeys and offered beats to suit the mood of the lyrics if there were any. For goodness sake, they talked about "strawberry fields", "living in a yellow submarine", "twisting and shouting," and upon many more topics. Their love songs too, so straightforward, so simple, so direct... "I want to hold your hand". Being the hopeless romantic I am, what more can I ask from The Beatles?

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