#19. You Are Beautiful


Is beauty something skin deep?

Most women go through a daily ritual of washing their faces, applying foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, or some other cosmetic combination, no matter the day.

Personally, applying makeup on a daily basis has been something I’ve done since I was 17 years old because I’ve found that it is something that directly affects my mood and confidence. I’m not the only one.

It's safe to say that some of us experience negative emotions when we aren’t wearing any makeup. Sometimes we feel unattractive, self-conscious, or feel naked or like they are missing something. I understand that makeup began as something that was designed to enhance natural facial beauty, but with society holding impossible beauty standards... sometimes, makeup alone just isn't enough.

As women, we are bombarded with flashy images of models and celebrities with flawless skin, jet black eyelashes, ruby red lips, and doe eyes. This kind of exposure, especially to young girls, has caused more and more young girls to start wearing makeup between the ages of 11 and 13. The beauty industry has made millions off of the fact that women want their features exaggerated by makeup in order to fit in with society’s definition of beauty by providing them with the tools necessary to do so.

While makeup has powerful internal impacts, studies have shown that women that wear makeup, at first glance, seem less trustworthy and even manage to trick facial recognition software. Makeup may give women more of a sense of confidence, but when asked why they so wear so much makeup, part of that confidence is shot down... Why?

It's all due to the mentality that our society has is a standard of beauty that isn't achievable and is impossible to accomplish, no matter who it is. 

This standard of beauty that society has is given to us by the media through the use of Photoshop to make a person look more beautiful in the pictures they are posing for. This type of beauty is an unrealistic type because the people photo-shopping these girls are photo-shopping them to look a certain way no human being can look like. It's like they are taking the true outer beauty of a person, and creating a false sense of what beauty really is and making girls feel like crap about themselves because they can't seem to reach the point of looking the way that these girls in the media look.

I just don't get it. I admit, I can be insecure about my looks too, sometimes (or most of the times). We're all humans in the end. Humans are not perfect. I'm not perfect. And I personally feel that beauty shouldn't be about a number on a scale. It shouldn't be about the size clothes you wear. It shouldn't be about the makeup that you do or don't wear. It shouldn't be about only outer appearance.
Beauty should be about a person's personality, a person's attitude, a person's drive to succeed in life, and a person's ability to find the light in as many situations throughout life as they can. 

And beauty, while it can include physical appearances, should not, and does not, include only outer looks. Beauty is not only skin deep. A person who is beautiful, but is filled with nothing but hate, nothing but hostility, doesn't have drive to try to succeed in life, is not truly beautiful. There looks are just that, only looks. A person who may not be the most attractive physically that is sweet, kind, caring to those around them, and also has drive to be the best that she can be are the ones who are truly beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, just as long as they do their best to try to show off their beauty.

Yes, it seems close to impossible to find those who are truly beautiful in society today because of the mentality that beauty is something that is only on the outside, and we have to look a certain way on the outside to be considered beautiful, but we just aren't looking in the right places for the people who are truly beautiful. The mentality in society today puts such an emphasis on impossible outer beauty standards that we are often blinded to what beauty should be about, causing us to not see those around us who are extremely beautiful. 

Perhaps we need to start shining our lights in society today and help change the mindset of what beauty truly is so that we can change the standards of beauty. We need to show the world that beauty is not just based on outer appearance, but also on what's on the inside.

So the next time you see someone who is lacking in confidence due to their looks, tell them...

"You're Beautiful."

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