#23. What's In The Convention Bag


Hey guys, if you have read my post last year titled "Why You Should Look Forward To CF 2015", this one is probably a little bit more helpful. I did receive some emails about people asking me what to expect or bring to Comic Fiesta. Well, it depends on what are you going as. I mean, are you cosplaying or just planning to enjoy the environment (like me this year)?

Just in case some of you are still new to this whole anime convention thing, well, basically... it is what it is. An anime convention. This time Comic Fiesta is back with its 15th event.

Also, here's some information that might help:

  • Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur
  • Dates: 17-18th December, 2016
  • Ticketing details: ticketing.comicfiesta.org
  • Exhibitor inquiries: hew@comicfiesta.org

Overview of the Event Hall
Okay, moving on. The first mistake I did when I went a comic convention for the first time was to bring a huge bag... with completely unnecessary stuff. So that gave me some extra burden on my shoulders. Honestly, I hated dealing with that. And if you're planning to cosplay, it's going to be inconvenient to have a heavy bag and it gets worse when people stop to ask you for a picture. You kinda wanna make sure that your hands are free for posing.

Firstly, yes, you actually DO need a huge simple tote bag BUT with necessary items.
What are those necessary items?

1. Giant plastic water bottle
It is extremely important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

2. Cellphone
Okay, I really don't feel the need to elaborate on this one.
After all, you need to stay connected with your group of friends,
and it helps you to keep track of your schedule.

3. Powerbank/ Portable charger
Usually when you're in a convention,
you tend to use your phone more than usual.
And this means more battery drain.
So it's extremely important that your powerbank is full.
Only use when necessary.

4. Eyedrops + Travel lens case
This goes out to the people who have dry eyes, or wearing some cosplay lens.
Convention centers are usually dry due to the amount of air-conditioners.
The travel lens case are for those who are wearing contact lenses,
it's always important to have a case with you.

5. Hand sanitizer
I'm a little bit of a clean freak so why not.
There are germs everywhere. 

6. Plasters
You can never be too careful.

7. Panadols/ Headache medicine of choice
Sometimes the change in temperature can drive you nuts.

8. Lipbalm
Just something to moist up your lips.

9. Eyelash glue
Very handy when you're cosplaying.
Sometimes, my falsies fall out or go out of place
and it drives me insane but not anymore.

10. Snacks
Bring some protein bars or anything that doesn't require refrigeration.
Basically, something that you don't mind eating even if it's a bit mushy.
Seriously though, convention food is EXPENSIVE so bring your own.
Or just, eat outside. I don't know.

So that's like, what? 10 items. That's not much, isn't it? Pretty sure it can fit nicely in that convention bag of yours. Also, a friendly tip here: If you're wearing prescription contacts, do bring your glasses in case you need to take your contacts out and don't want to walk around blind. This happened to me and yes, I was half blind when one of my lens decided to play "hide-and-seek". So there you go, that's what you need to bring to a convention.

And always, enjoy your time there. 

And for those who are cosplaying, happy cosplaying!

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