#27. Conservatism Misunderstood


First of all, this blog post is very different from the ones I’ve posted previously. And I would also like to state a fact that I am a conservative. I’m on the notion that everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs and views. But when someone states something, without an actual fact, without a solid reasoning, that’s when I question their source of information. And whether the claim is reasonable, or extreme, I’ll look back on their ‘evidences’. Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, Vice? Now that’s even more questionable as their news or ‘reasoning’ avoids common fallacies.

One thing I have to make clear is that, conservatives are not racist. Liberals are alright, it’s great that they believe in equal opportunity and human rights. But trust me when I say this “non-binary” or “no gender” thing is a total and utter joke. But liberal celebrities, they can get extremely defensive when disagreed by conservatives. In truth, conservatives, we don’t like bullshit, that’s why we call them out on stuff that are not true, or hypocritical. Not only will most liberals defend their points, but anything you say that is opposite of their views will be disregarded, and also, they are a bunch of hypocrites as well. Most of them, at least.

Conservatives deserves more respect. I care about personal responsibilities. And before you can say that conservatism is all about racism, white-supremacy, and homophobic, you ought to know that there are Muslims, Hispanics, Christians, Gays, Lesbians, every human being you can possibly imagine… who are conservatives. And these are the people that wants to put an end to terrorism and violence. They are the ones who are not afraid to call out the lies of the government and call out their bullshit.

Yes, I am against marriage equality, abortion rights, gun control, anything liberal, or too liberal. Does that make me a bad person? According to the left majority, I know the answer to that. I like conservatism. It’s honest. It’s real. Liberalism is nothing more than a fantasy world, where everything is just an escape from reality. Liberals can get aggressive in political debates when all us conservatives do is express our opinions and views, with facts. Of course, not all liberals are like what I mentioned, there are a few handful of liberals who still debates thoughtfully, and for that, us conservatives are grateful.

I am not ashamed to be a conservative. I can understand that “conservatism” can sometimes be controversial, because we don’t believe in gay marriage and gun control. I have a majority of people on Facebook who are liberals, and they can’t say much about what I post. Because it is never offensive in the first place. It’s the truth that people should be aware of, not just having to rely on mainstream media, that has already filtered what they want to read. It’s not right, you are supposed to see from both sides, and from there on, you decide and see for yourself if the “truth” is really the truth.

Maybe some presidents aren’t presidents. Maybe some of them are just celebrity presidents, the ones that are loved by everyone by giving them what they want, not what they need. And perhaps the one that loves his country is sacrificing his own normal life to give people what they need, and not what they want, and getting hated. Perhaps, the media isn’t that honest and open about such things?

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